While showcasing a 3D virtual tour of your student housing facilities is one part of a larger strategy to attract potential students to your institution, you must develop a plan to market your virtual tour. Having a virtual tour option is great, but it will not be impactful if no one knows about it. In this post we will discuss various methods that can you use so prospective students and and their parents can become aware of your online tour.

Social Media – This should be obvious, but you must promote your 3D virtual tour with all of your social media accounts. This can include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms that your department and institution specifically uses to promote its message. Keep in mind the different platforms that your clientele are using as there will be differences among prospective students and their parents. Track metrics to find successes and areas to improve upon.

Blogs – While some may consider blogs a part of social media, this medium allows you to have more of a descriptive narrative over 140 characters or a few photos. You can discuss more about your virtual tour and highlight any upcoming on-campus or virtual events that may be hosted by your Admissions department. Testimonials, interesting facts, and advice / instructions for move-in can be incorporated into different blog posts.

Referrals from Other Campus Departments – Take time to educate your colleagues outside of your department about your 3D virtual tour and how they can be an advocate for you. While Admissions and Orientation may be the most obvious departments to turn to, also look to those colleagues who have recruitment responsibilities. They can include Athletics, individual academic departments, disability services, and a whole host of other student service areas. If they can easily refer students and parents to your virtual tour, they end up being an easy and effective marketing source.

Direct Mailing – Social media is generally paramount as a marketing tactic, but do not forget that direct mailings are going to reach those who may not necessarily follow your institution’s social media accounts. Letters, various types of postcards, and brochures are tangible pieces of marketing that can leave a lasting impression and suggest calls to action (e.g., visit the online tour, apply for housing). Seeing a tweet once with a link is beneficial and helpful, but a postcard that ends up on a family’s refrigerator with a magnet can serve as an important reminder.

Email & Text Marketing – Certainly less expensive than the printing and postage costs associated with direct mailings, email and text marketing is an efficient way to reach hundreds and thousands of individuals with your message. Obviously you need to be mindful of being overwhelming with these types of messages, but allow students and their parents to opt into the ability to receive important announcements via email and text messaging.

Email Signatures – While this may sound trivial, including a direct link to your virtual student housing tour can help to bring exposure. Have all of your staff members include this in their email signatures as well. With the thousands upon thousands of emails that are generated from your department, the ability for others to see that link and potentially click on it can pay dividends for no cost at all.

Using multiple approaches to market your 3D virtual student housing tour is ultimately the best strategy that you can employ. In the end, you want to share the pride that you have for your campus and want others to be able to see the wonderful student housing facilities that you have on your campus.

Please contact us if you would like to explore more about creating a virtual 3D tour of your student housing facilities or enhancing the one that you currently have.

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