How can virtual tours be useful for assisted living facilities?

Interactive virtual tours present a myriad of advantages for assisted living facilities. These immersive experiences serve as invaluable tools, catering to the needs of residents, their families, and facility members alike. For families who live too far to visit, it can be difficult to understand what the facility looks like and offers. Assisted living virtual tours can help bridge this gap, and provide a proper view of the facility from anywhere in the world. This can even aid potential residents who have difficulty traveling themselves. Our interactive virtual tours scan your entire assisted living facility (or just the parts you want shown), and make it easy to see the property, as shown below.

Beyond facilitating connections with families, virtual tours emerge as powerful marketing assets for the assisted living facilities themselves. Seamlessly embedded on the facility’s website, these tours offer convenient access to anyone considering admission for themselves or a family member. During presentations to potential residents, the ability to visually showcase amenities and distinctive features through virtual tours enhances the impact of the facility’s unique offerings.

Our interactive virtual tours boast additional features, with points of interest standing out as a client favorite. This tool allows you to show room features, contact information, or anything that you feel is important to include, as seen in the example below. They can even be customized with different colors, can host links to the  facility’s website (or any link desired), and be placed nearly anywhere within. When integrated into your website, points of interest can serve as a proactive way to address common questions potential residents may have, or even help explain what certain rooms are used for, where to find things, and more.

In addition to showcasing the facility, our tours extend to various types of bedrooms or apartments on the property. These can be useful in allowing prospective residents and their families to see the different room types such as studio or one bedroom apartments, room sizes, etc. From this, they can better decide which room type would best suit their needs. Overall, interactive virtual tours can be a useful marketing tool for any assisted living facility, allowing for demonstrations of why your facility is the right fit for residents. They are also extremely useful for families of potential residents as a way to see what is being offered and aid in answering any questions they may have. 

Check out one of our assisted living virtual tours here. 

Check out a virtual tour of a bedroom here.